Corten Steel Square Water Tables By Adezz

Corten Steel Water Tables by Adezz are made to enhance any outdoor space, with a simple yet striking design that will add a modern touch to your garden landscape. This unique water feature bubbles water from a stainless steel nozzle, spreading the water evenly across the table. The water runs along the horizon of the feature, giving it a stunning “infinity” effect.

Choose from a range of sizes to suit your garden, from 80cm square tables to 6 metre long designs. Each Adezz water table is crafted from Corten Steel, a beautifully rusted metal with outstanding weather-resistant features. 

Please note that for any water feature over 2mts, you will be responsible for removing the item from the vehicle. Depending on the weight, this can be with either handling equipment or a number of people. Please phone or email for further information.


Corten Steel Square Water Tables by Adezz

Corten steel square Water Tables by Adezz will make a bold statement when added to your garden. It’s made to fit into your garden landscape exactly how you’d like it. With a versatile design, your Corten Steel Square Water Table can uplift your outdoor space as a standalone ornament, or grouped together with accompanying water features. This also means you can use the Corten Steel Square Water Table as a raised, recessed or flat garden water feature.

Its central nozzle runs water evenly across the table surface, bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity to your outdoor space with the gentle sound of flowing water. The Adezz Corten Steel Square Water Table is available in a range of sizes to suit your garden design. The size you order will govern the number of fountains in the water table, with smaller sizes featuring a singular fountain, and larger sizes featuring up to five fountains. Each fountain is complete with an LED light to illuminate the water as it trickles across the surface.

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