Corten Steel Tower Planters by Senzzo

Our modern Corten Steel Tower Planters by Senzzo are perfect for adding height elevation to your garden allowing you to use new level you haven’t accessed so far.



Corten Steel Tower Planters by Senzzo

Our fantastic Corten Steel Tower Planters by Senzzo are a brilliant and cost-effective way of adding colour and height to your garden. Available in three size options with varying heights, using these planters is an easy way to access new levels in your garden giving a fresh look with little effort. Fabricated from high-quality, 1.5mm thick Corten Steel they are long-lasting items with built in weather-resistance. This is down to the fact that Corten Steel forms a self-protecting rust coating over time which prevents degradation of the inner steel meaning these planters are perfectly suited to life outside. Tall planters suit a range of flora but often look most effective when filled with either trailing plants or tall slender ones both options accentuating the elegant style of the planter. A brilliant example being Lemon Cypress Trees which will give a stunning bright green that contrasts beautifully against the amber of the Corten Steel. Tower planters can be used in a variety of ways for example, flanking a doorway or garden path or to border an area of decking. Placing them alone or in sets can create a big impact with little input or alternatively using them in combination with our other Corten Steel Planters can give a beautiful flow of Corten orange throughout an outdoor space. These planters qualify for Free Delivery throughout the UK mainland.

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