Cromwell Cube Planter

A traditional riveted design gives these classy planters a stylish look. The Faux Lead finish tops them off, perfect for any grand garden.


Cromwell Cube Planter

You’ll love the traditional feel of our Cromwell Cube Planter with the decorative rivet pattern running around each side. Furthermore, this gives a classical theme without being fussy. You can choose from three sizes and can mix and match to create your ideal set-up. As well as this, we offer the same design in a round planter. Coming in a Faux Lead finish, these planters are classy and sophisticated. You can use them to plant small trees to create a statement or to flag grand doorways. Additionally, the regular pattern and symmetry of the cube means these planters are not distracting.

Despite their size, the Cromwell Cube Planters are not too heavy. This is because they are made from fibreglass. You can use fibreglass outside for years to come as it is weather-resistant and durable. In addition to this, the planters are intrinsically coloured. This means if you accidentally scratch them it will be minimally noticeable. Therefore, you can use them in higher traffic areas. You can choose alternatives finishes such as Antique Faux Lead, contact us for details.

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