Dauphin Planter


Our gorgeous Dauphin Planter is small in size but big on style, a perfect addition to any area. Size 36x20x16 cm (length x width x height).


Dauphin Planter

Small in size yet big in style – you’ll love our gorgeous Dauphin Planter. You can use this stylish jardinière as a centre piece for a table by filling it with a beautiful orchid for example. Alternatively, you can use it to decorate a small window sill to bring colour and class into any area. Furthermore, the stunning Bronzage finish brings out the intricate detailing on the planter. If you are a fan of the Bronzage finish you might like to consider our Fishscale Planter to carry a theme throughout your space.

Another fantastic feature of our Dauphin Planter is that it is fabricated from fibreglass. This means that it is very lightweight for its size. In turn, this means if you decide to use it indoors you don’t need to worry about its placement.

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