Dolly Round Planter


Our stylish Dolly Round Planter is perfect for filling with tall and elegant plants to accentuate the ribbing details of the planter. 44x60cm


Dolly Round Planter

You’ll love the unique style of our Dolly Round Planter. The ribbed edges give a sleek, striped design that looks fantastic when planted with tall, elegant plants to match. Furthermore, it is finished in Antique Faux Lead which gives you gorgeous white accents. You can take advantage of the round drum shape by standing this planter either side of a grand doorway.

Additionally, you may be surprised to learn that our Dolly Round Planter is fabricated from fibreglass. Not only does this give you fantastically low weight for the planters size but also excellent weather-resistance and durability. Also, this planter is intrinsically coloured which means if you accidentally scratch it, it will be barely visible as the colour runs throughout. If you want to carry on the Faux Lead theme, you can pair our Dolly Round Planter with our Chelsea Trough for example.

Key Features

  • Size 44×60 cm
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Intrinsically coloured
  • Drainage holes on request
  • Ribbed design, modern material
  • Alternative finishes available subject to start-up cost and lead time
  • Size listed as diameter x height

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Additional information

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