Edgeline Garden Edging

Our simple to install, high-quality Edgeline Garden Edging is easy to use, perfect for curves, corners and straight lines giving a stylish and neat finish. See below for a video demonstration.

Coming in packs of 5 x 2m sections (10m total) with 15 stakes and brackets included, plus FREE DELIVERY!


Edgeline Garden Edging

The edging that’s thought of everything. Extremely simple to install, easy to move, perfect for curves, corners and straight lines with outstanding results, Edgeline Garden Edging is the solution to all your Edging problems. Fabricated from high-quality, strong aluminium, and coming in natural finish and two stunning colours this fantastic Edging is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Coming in packs of 5 x 2m sections (10m total) with 15 stakes and brackets included which can be mounted anywhere along the Edging and moved if you change your mind. There really is no competitor when it comes to ease of installation, the brackets simply click onto the back of the Edgeline Garden Edging at any point along its length, the stake then slots into this which can then be pushed into the ground where required. Not only this, but the stakes and brackets are movable so if you go to install your Edging and you hit a root or rock, simply shift the bracket along slightly and carry on.

Joining Edging sections is a breeze, simply attach each side of a bracket to the end of the two sections and secure with a stake to create a seamless join. In addition to this, the Edgeline Garden Edging is also movable so if in time you want to rethink your garden design, then it is simple to take out and move your Edging to a new home. The elegant simplicity of this Edgeline Garden Edging means it can be used for whole host of applications including outlining your lawn, tidying up your flower beds or bordering your driveway. Each Edging section is 10 cm high, perfect for the vast majority of outdoor applications allowing you to create beautiful designs with ease. The Brown and Anthracite Grey versions of this premium garden edging go through a two-coat process, first they are primed, then the required powder-coating is applied to create a gorgeous and scratch-resistant finish. If you need an extra piece or perhaps more brackets and stakes, please contact us on [email protected] or 01245 422 353 to speak to our friendly customer service team who can arrange this for you.

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Anthracite Grey RAL 7016, Natural, Terra Brown RAL 8028


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