Fern Pot

Decorated with delicate fronds and tendrils, our Fern Pot will be a stunning addition to your garden.


Fern Pot

You will love the intricate details of the fern tendrils winding round this pot. Additionally, the fern fronds give you a wonderful English forest feel. You can choose from three different sizes so you can find the perfect Fern Pot to suit your space. Furthermore, the beautiful terracotta colour is perfect for showcasing the fine detail without it seeming fussy.

Despite the overall look of the pot, it is actually made from fibreglass rather than terracotta itself. You’ll find this gives you plenty of benefits including weather-resistance and durability. Another benefit is that you won’t have cracking in the frost like traditional terracotta and the Fern Pot is very lightweight in all its size variations. You can pair the fern design with other detailed options such as our Citrus Pot. This will give you a gorgeous thematic flow in your garden but each piece will be unique.

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