Garland Pot


A gorgeous floral garland design on a dainty pot, perfect for a traditional garden set-up.


Garland Pot

Although the Garland Pot is small, the intricate detailing gives you a big impact. Ringed in a floral garden this beautiful pot will give you a classical feel, perfect for traditional gardens. Furthermore, the terracotta finish is ideal for picking up the details without making the pot over complicated. You can use this pot in areas that just need a finishing touch. The small size means you can use it in places not suitable for larger planters. Additionally, the gorgeous finish means you can pair this planter with some of our other intricate planters such as our Fern Pot. By mixing and matching styles you can create a harmonious flow throughout your space without replication.

You may be surprised to know that the Garland Pot is made from fibreglass rather than terracotta. This gives you reduced weight, weather-resistance and durability which terracotta can’t provide. Another fantastic feature of this pot is that it is intrinsically coloured. This means if you accidentally scratch the planter, it will be minimally visible as the colour runs all the way through.

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