Oakleaf Pot

You can choose from three sizes of this beautiful design. The intricate oak leaf and acorn detailing will work perfectly in any countryside or cottage garden.


Oakleaf Pot

The detailed oak leaf and acorn design will remind you of ancient woodlands and walks through nature. Furthermore, as the design winds round the pot it looks as though the oak is growing through it. You’ll love the countryside, cottage garden feel this pot creates wherever it is used. Additionally, you can choose from three sizes making it easy to find the perfect planter for your space. As well as this, if you want to carry the oak theme on in your garden, you can pair it with our Oakleaf Trough.

Despite the terracotta finish the Oakleaf Pot is actually made from fibreglass. Not only does this mean its incredibly lightweight in comparison to terracotta but it also gives fantastic weather-resistance and durability. That means you can use your pot outside for years to come without worrying about cracking in the frost – a common downside of terracotta.

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