Flower Bronzage Fibreglass Water Fountain


Our gorgeous Flower Bronzage Fibreglass Water Fountain has dimensions of 51x15x89cm and will instantly set off any garden with the gentle sound of trickling water.

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Flower Bronzage Fibreglass Water Fountain

Our stylish Flower Bronzage Fibreglass Water Fountain has dimensions of 51x15x89 cm. Fabricated from high-quality fibreglass this stunning Water Fountain is hard-wearing and durable, perfectly suited to life outside. The floral design of this fountain creates a summery feel. The soothing sound of the flow of the water adds to the appeal of this Flower Bronzage Fibreglass Water Fountain. As this is a wall mounted water fountain, you can easily use it as a focal point. You can grow creeping or tall plants such as Clematis around it to create a stunning oasis in your own back garden. Supplied with a high-quality pump all you have to do is install your Flower Bronzage Fibreglass Water Fountain. The calming effect of flowing water is a brilliant way to make your garden a relaxing and enjoyable place to be.

Placing your Water Fountain near a seating area will give a soothing background noise when you are sunbathing or when you are reading and relaxing in the afternoon sun. Adding moving water to your garden is a fantastic way to bring a new dimension to your outdoor space. This stunning and unique Water Fountain is perfectly suited for use as an individual piece or when coupled with some of our Fibreglass Planters. You can create a harmonious flow of colour and style throughout your space.

Key Features 

  • High-quality fibreglass
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Hard-wearing and weather-resistant
  • Pump included

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