Geo Bowl Fibreglass Water Fountain

Adding a water fountain to your garden is a simple way to completely elevate your space.


Geo Bowl Fibreglass Water Fountain

You’ll love the elegant simplicity of our Geo Bowl Fibreglass Water Fountain. Unlike other Bowl Fountains, the water doesn’t run over the outer edge but falls into the reservoir inside the lip. This means you can use the fountain in areas perhaps you couldn’t otherwise. Further to this, as the fountain is made from fibreglass it weighs far less than you would imagine. Again, this gives you more flexibility of placement. Coming in a stunning Faux Lead finish gives you a contemporary look, perfect for any modern garden. As well as this, there are four sizes you can choose from. This allows you to create a set-up that compliments your space.

If you want to create a thematic design space, then you can pair the Geo Bowl Fibreglass Water Fountain with our Geo Bowl Planters. They come in identical sizes so you have the freedom to create a stunning arrangement. The appropriately graded pump is provided with the fountain. A Water Fountain will add a new sensory layer to your garden. Not only does flowing water look beautiful but the sound of a trickling stream is incredibly relaxing. Finally, fibreglass itself is a fantastic material with brilliant durability. This makes the Geo Bowl Fibreglass Water Fountain perfect for a long life outside.

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