Glossy White Tower | Fibreglass Planter

This planter is perhaps ideally suited for modern residential developments, luxury hotels or office complexes that are looking to make an impression.


Glossy White Tower | Fibreglass Planter

Tower planters are particularly useful for adding height or structure to your garden or outdoor space and these fibreglass glossy white tower planters are no exception. The larger planter in this model is 40x40x80cm – which is rather substantial, and should be large enough to facilitate most design demands. Where the height of this planter can really be used to good effect is when it is planted up with tall planters as well. Doing so will create natural columns that are perfect for adding structure where you need it most. The need could be particularly prevalent in large or oddly shaped garden spaces.

The planters have been manufactured of lightweight fibreglass. We have chosen fibreglass as the go-to material for many of our garden planters because it has proven to be a building material capable of great diversity and versatility. Not only is the material resistant to ultraviolet light (limiting the effects of bleaching) and the adverse effects of bad weather – but it is also extremely light when compared with more traditional building materials like metal or stone. Not only that, but the flexibility of manufacture allows us to create ranges in a virtually limitless number of shapes, sizes and colours. Although this planter is inherently lightweight, it becomes (like every other planter), a lot heavier when filled up with soil. The advantage of this is two-fold; they are easy to move into position and then once they are planted up, they will be weighty enough to hold their position robustly in even semi-tempestuous weather conditions.

These are finished in glossy white, which makes them ideal for minimalist design schemes. White is a design neutral colour and this planter is is particularly neutral given that it bears no other patterns or designs. The glossy white fibreglass tower planter is a modern planter and this is ideally suited for contemporary design schemes.

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