Grey Zinc Trough Planters

Grey zinc trough planters have a modern stylish contemporary look, lightweight and hard wearing, use in and around home and office with either artificial or live plants..


Grey Zinc Trough Planters

These grey zinc trough planters have an urban and contemporary look about them. Looking amazing in any environment, whether you want it displayed your patio, the front of your house or balcony. Its striking grey colour will help to enhance the look of your plants but it will also bring any garden to life or indoor area.
Its clean cut lines and sleek design means that it can be positioned along a wall, a path or even on decking. Plant these grey zinc trough planters with coloured flowers to vegetables.  For those with limited space this could be the ideal solution allowing you to grow a small amount.
It is also simple to move because it is lightweight and this means that you can position it wherever you want, when you want. Simple, striking and beautiful – everything you want from a trough planter.

Made from steel, electroplated with zinc through the process of galvanisation. The planters come with drainage holes if requested, but we cannot guarantee that the planters will always be 100% watertight. They are lightweight and easy to move. They will age outdoors over time.

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