Grizzly Cubster Red Outdoor Oven


The only outdoor cooking tool you’ll ever need, the Grizzly Cubster is incredibly versatile, ideal for all cooking styles and tastes.


Grizzly Cubster Red Outdoor Oven

You’ll be amazed by the versatility of the Grizzly Cubster Red Outdoor Oven. You can bake, smoke, roast, grill, low & slow and more making this the ultimate cooking tool for your outdoor space. Coming in an striking bright red finish, the Grizzly Cubster will be the perfect centrepiece for your garden kitchen. Manufactured in the UK to an exceptionally high standard, you’ll feel as though you have a piece of Great British engineering right in your garden. Furthermore, you can use a range of fuel sources in your oven allowing for flexibility of cooking styles and tastes. Size 61x58x73 cm (length x width x height), plus 40 cm each side when shelves are folded out.

Your Grizzly Cubster Red Outdoor Oven comes with a range of accessories as standard, as listed below. However, if you want some more specific items such as a flue set-up or counter top check out our Grizzly Oven product page to see the full range.

Included as standard with the purchase of your Grizzly Outdoor Oven:

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