Grizzly Outdoor Oven Cover

Perfect for protecting your oven, the Grizzly Outdoor Oven Cover will keep your Grizzly safe year round.


Grizzly Outdoor Oven Cover

If you plan on keeping your Grizzly Oven in top order you may want to invest in a Grizzly Outdoor Oven Cover. You can choose from two sizes – short or long. This allows you to cover either just the oven with the short cover or the oven and stand with the long one. Ideal for protecting your oven between uses and for longer term storage over the winter months. It is weather-proof, waterproof and long lasting.

Additionally, if you have the Grizzly Oven Outdoor Cover and the Stand, you are providing protection for all parts of your set-up. This is recommended to get the most of our your Grizzly Outdoor Oven and Stand for a long time to come. Designed and made specifically to protect your oven you’ll be safe in your knowledge that your stunning oven is sheltered and secured.

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