Grizzly Outdoor Oven Stand


The Grizzly Outdoor Oven Stand gives you the option to move your oven with ease and provides the perfect cooking height for use.


Grizzly Outdoor Oven Stand

The perfect, must-have accessory for your Grizzly Oven, the Grizzly Outdoor Oven Stand. Giving you mobility and the perfect functional height for your oven. Furthermore, there is a clip and hold bracket system to make sure your oven stays safe and secure. Additionally, the stand gives you the option of moving your oven to make the most of any location in your garden. Not only this but if you plan on storing your oven out of the elements in the winter months, the stand will make this relocation process far easier.

As well as giving you a strong and sturdy base, the Grizzly Outdoor Oven Stand also provides storage space with its handy shelf. You can use the storage area for all of your Grizzly Oven accessories when not in use. You’ll notice that the oven stand is incredibly high quality, a feature of all products in the Grizzly range. Coming in black, the stand will compliment whichever colour Grizzly Oven you choose. Size 61x58x63 cm (length x width x height).

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