Lattice Planter


Our intricate Lattice Planter is perfect for any traditional or cottage style garden. Size 43 x 35 cm (diameter x height) with a 27 cm base.


Lattice Planter

Our unique Lattice Planter will be a stylish addition to your outdoor space. The fluted pot design gives you the perfect shape for planting tufted grasses which will have strands floating out in the same pattern as the planter. Furthermore, the stunning terracotta finish gives this planter a warm look and perfectly highlights the lattice pattern. You can use our Lattice Planter in any traditional or cottage garden. If you would like to carry on the cottage feel, you can also pair this with our Citrus Pot. Size 43×35 cm.

Another fantastic feature of our Lattice Planter is that it is fabricated from fibreglass. This means the planter is incredibly lightweight for its size, as well as having fantastic weather resistance and durability.  This means you can safely use your planter outside for years to come. This is in contrast to traditional terracotta pots which are liable to crack in frosty conditions.

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