Matte Black Fibreglass Barrier Planter

This barrier or divider planter is a trough that has been made taller explicitly for this purpose. Double the height of a normal trough, it is far easier and much faster to create a natural wall than it would be with your average trough.


Matte Black Fibreglass Barrier Planter

Matte black is probably the most subtle and least intrusive finish we have in our entire range. As such this matte black fibreglass barrier planter is probably the item we sell with more utility than any other. Trough planters are often meaningfully used with tall plants like bamboo to create natural barriers in their gardens or outdoor spaces. This ‘barrier’ or divider planter is a trough that has been made taller explicitly for this purpose. Double the height of a normal trough, it is far easier and much faster to create a natural wall than it would be with your average trough. The reality of modern living is that if we find ourselves in homes that have any outdoor space, they are far from private and tranquil. We wouldn’t tolerate living in houses with only glass walls to separate us from our neighbours, so why do we tolerate it in our gardens? Further to this, unlike a wall or a fence, a garden planter is a non-permanent and non-offensive way of creating a screen. However, these ‘natural walls’ are not only suited to ensuring your privacy but the can also be used elsewhere in your garden to create structure or sustain meaningful divisions. This is particularly important in very large gardens or garden spaces that are oddly wide or elongated. In these gardens, by installing natural walls or screen, it divides the space you have available to you into distinct outdoor rooms that you can then style and levy your designs upon. The matte black finish is perhaps the most suitable to creating a natural barrier, as it blends the most subtly with the greenery or foliage of the natural world around it.
Fibreglass as a material has proved to be a particularly useful material to make garden planters from in comparison with more traditional manufacturing materials. When compared to materials like lead or terracotta (Two extremely popular materials to build planters from in epochs passed), the advantages of fibreglass are unquestionable. Far easier to carry than lead and more robust and durable than terracotta. Fibreglass can also be made to accurately imitate any other materials. So making planters of faux lead or faux terracotta is a more practical and often far cheaper option than purchasing planters made of traditional materials. These planters however, are not made to imitate anything at all and really show off what can be done with fibreglass made to reflect its own merits. Resistant to the adverse effects of the weather, while being ultra violet resistant (prevents bleaching) – fibreglass is a smart material in its own right.
The most versatile of the finishes we have, this Matte Black Fibreglass Barrier Planter would really be at home in any combination of contemporary or traditional designs. While the white or glossy finishes might be more at odds with traditional designs or architectural instalments, matte black should seamlessly blend with any features you have already in place, whether wood, steel or stone. Given that we have had requests in the past for planters like this for use on larger developments, these planters have been constructed to a commercial standard. For this reason they are suitable for use in public environs like large scale hotel, office or luxury residential developments.

Key Features

  • Lightweight fibreglass is easy to install and re position
  • Resilient and Durable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Variety of Finishes
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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