Matte White Tower | Fibreglass Planter

This particular tower is made of lightweight matte white fibreglass, which has a number of advantages. Fibreglass is in many ways a smart material and it is well suited to the creation of this type of product.



Matte White Tower | Fibreglass Planter

With maybe the exception of cube planters, straight sided tower planters may be one of the more popular models in our range. The reason for this, is that tower planters contain a great deal of utility. That is to say, they can be used in a number of roles, across an array of situational circumstances to satisfy a specific design demand. Firstly, and most popularly, they are used to flank door ways by being transformed into natural columns. This is achieved to great effect by planting them up with lollipop bay trees, or any other plant of sufficient height. The effect this has, is that it creates the effect of height and structure in your garden or outdoor space. This is of potential benefit, because it is something that is difficult to otherwise achieve in a cost effective manner. The cost of larger plants or trees can sometimes be prohibitive and problematic in comparison to creating these natural columns.

This particular tower is made of lightweight matte white fibreglass, which has a number of advantages. Fibreglass is in many ways a smart material and it is well suited to the creation of this type of product. For a long time previous, stone, terracotta and certain metals like lead were chosen for the manufacture of planters – but this mean’t the the planters could be extremely heavy, expensive, susceptible to the effects of the frost or even toxic. Fibreglass is none of these things. Fibreglass is lightweight when compared to lead or stone – although it is worth bearing in mind that when filled up with soil and a plant of your choice, these are liable to be far heavier. The advantage of this is that it makes the planter fairly easy to install in the location you want it to occupy, but once it is in place, it will be hard to tip. Planters usually find themselves in locations exposed to the elements this means that a planter made of fibreglass that is resistant to ultra violet light, will be less likely to bleach.

Matte white as a finish is more subtle than glossy white and more noticable than matte black. While matte black might be able to effectively blend in with anything in its environment, matte white will find seamlessly with most garden designs while still standing out for its own aesthetic merit. While matte black is more than suitable for even traditional and rustic designs, matte white really excels in contemporary designs. The type of customer that would want to buy this product, would be someone looking for something clean, minimalist with the potential to add height or structure to their garden or outdoor space. The nice thing about matte white is that it fits very well with colours – making it ideal for setting against foliage or flowers.


  • Lightweight fibreglass is easy to install and reposition
  • Resilient and Durable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Variety of Finishes
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Holes Drilled on Request

Flora Select offers a wide range of pots and garden planters. With the variety of the range that is provided, it is easy to find pots for any design style. Whether that design style is modern or traditional, rustic or contemporary – you will be able to find the planters and plants to suit it.

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