Pall Mall Box Planter

Our stylish Pall mall Box Planter is perfect for any sophisticated design scheme with the Antique Brass finish giving you a touch of class.


Pall Mall Box Planter

You’ll love our classy Pall Mall Box Planter, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any garden or outdoor space. Coming in a gorgeous Antique Brass finish, the deep colour sets off any plant arrangement and has the perfect balance of boldness and style. Available in two impressive sizes, you can use the planter to flag grand doorways or set off the corner of a terrace garden. If you want to carry a theme throughout your space then you can pair this with our Pall Mall Trough and Window Box. This will give you a flow of beautiful Antique Brass colour and bring warmth and style to your garden.

Another fantastic feature of our Pall Mall Box Planter is that it is fabricated from fibreglass. This means the planter is incredibly lightweight for its size and has excellent weather resistance. Therefore, you can safely use your planter outside for years to come.

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