Ship Planter

Our intricately detailed nautical themed Ship Planter will be a fantastic addition to any traditional garden.


Ship Planter

Our maritime inspired Ship Planter will remind you of old-timey Brigantines and Schooners. You’ll keep noticing features in the intricate design long after you’ve set it up in your garden. Furthermore, you will see that there is a rope inspired ridge circling the base of the planter, enhancing its nautical theme. You can choose to have this planter in a Faux Lead or Antique Faux Lead finish. Both styles perfectly enhance the details on the planter.

Another fantastic feature of our Ship Planter is that it is made from fibreglass. Not only does this give you excellent weather-resistance and durability but it is also incredibly lightweight. This means you can use your planter outside for years to come without any worries about degradation. Additionally, the planter is intrinsically coloured so if you accidentally scratch it, it will be barely visible as the colour runs throughout.

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Antique Faux Lead, Faux Lead


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