Stuart Window Box

Our classy Stuart Window Box has a simple and sophisticated design. Perfect for holding a whole range of plants.


Stuart Window Box

You’ll love the sophisticated style of our Stuart Window Box. With just a simple raised line design, you can see why this window box radiates class. Furthermore, the Faux Lead finish is the perfect colour to just set off this simple but elegant design. You can choose from two sizes to find the perfect planter to fit your window sill. Window Boxes are a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your design space. You can plant them with a variety of flora but one of the less commonly thought of, is using grasses in your window box. This gives you height and texture that you may not get elsewhere.

In addition to the chic look of our Stuart Window Boxes, you also get fantastic quality. They are fabricated from lightweight fibreglass which is perfect if you are wanting to use them in brackets. Not only this but fibreglass is weather-resistant and durable so once your window boxes are in place they will stay there looking excellent for years to come.

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