Swag Fibreglass Window Box Faux Lead

The motif on this swag window box is modelled to emulate renaissance architecture. Made from fibreglass they are extremely compared to Lead or Terracotta. This means that they can easily be moved into place.



Swag Fibreglass Window Box Faux Lead

  • Lightweight fibreglass is easy to install and re-position
  • Resilient and Durable
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Holes Drilled on Request
  • Lead times fluctuate during peak seasons; if your order is time sensitive please contact us to verify lead times.

The motif on the swag fibreglass window box faux lead is modelled to emulate renaissance architecture. In this way, it is very much a ‘revival’ of classical styles, as the renaissance in general was a drive to return Ad Fontes or ‘to the source’. The field of architecture is no different and designs like these would have been used to try and recreate some of the style and splendor of ancient Rome or Greek antiquity.

Though we are are long out of the renaissance, you can still implement their motifs in your own home design. Depending on where they are placed and how they are dressed, these fibreglass window boxes will either blend in well – or stand out as highlights. We offer these in a ‘Faux Lead’ finish as shown in the main product image .

Fibreglass planters are generally quite lightweight – at least in comparison to Lead or Terracotta. This means that they can easily be moved into place. However, once these are filled with soil, the become a lot heavier. This means that they are unlikely to be moved by heavy winds – this is extremely important with window boxes. Fibreglass is also an extremely weather resistant material, ensuring that your planter will stand the test of time.

Wherever you plant these some low colourful plants would fit extremely well. These could be Geraniums or any other small flowering perennials, you window box could be a source of fresh herbs like parsley, mint or chives. Seasonal bedding is another good choice which can be rotated through out the year.

While your garden may have moved on dramatically from the days of antiquity, there is nothing to stop your returning to instil a little classical charm into your home or garden

Not only does Flora Select offer the swag fibreglass window box faux lead there is also a wide range of other pots and garden planters. With the variety of the range that is provided, it is easy to find pots for any design style. Whether that design style is modern or traditional, rustic or contemporary  you will be able to find the planters and plants to suit it.

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When ordering your swag fibreglass window box faux lead simply click on the category of your choice and browse through our extensive range of planters on offer. Use the full colour pictures and useful descriptions to help you identify the best planters for your garden. If you are looking for a particular planter, or size that is not on the website then give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you, or offer a suitable alternative.

We supply a high quality delivery service to all areas of mainland UK, for a flat rate of £8.50, however large or small your order. Orders to the Highlands we be charged at £15. Dispatch is normally within 1-3 days providing the planters you have ordered are in stock, but can sometimes take longer

All our window boxes are expertly wrapped and packaged, to prevent damages or delays in transit.

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