Tudor Rose Tub Planter

Our stunning Tudor Rose Tub Planter is the perfect piece to compliment any traditional English garden.


Tudor Rose Tub Planter

Our show-stopping Tudor Rose Tub Planter has a stunning rose design you’ll love. The repeating pattern creates a stylish planter you can use anywhere in your garden. Available in two sizes you can use your planter for a range of plants, particularly classic English cottage garden varieties. This will give you an easy and effect way to showcase the Tudor theme. As you can tell from the name, the pattern is inspired by a design from around 1500 during the reign of Henry VII. Not only do you get a stylish planter but also a little glimpse into English history.

Another fantastic feature of our Tudor Rose Tub Planter is that it is fabricated from fibreglass. Not only does this give you light weight for the size of the planter but also excellent weather resistance and durability. You can see the quality shine through in the gorgeous Faux Lead finish. If you want to create a theme in your outdoor space, why not pair it with our Tudor Rose Window Box.

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